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Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:13 am

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Here is the rule of the game. The story is to be short. Most likely 13 chapters only.

You,as the readers, vote who is better. At the bottom of each chapter we will ask questions. I'd be nice to answer but you don't have to. :)

Okay AnnaMarie is first up!!!!

Next chap will have story!



I dream of flashing lights and hot guys opening my limo door for me. As I get out slowly everyone stares in awe at my stunning outfit. I would like to wear a long silver dress that sparkled near the boobs and trail down like a spiral.

I dream that my sister and I walk arm in arm down the silk red carpet as people envy our very exsistence.

That's my dream.

My goal.

But dreams are just fatasy's that may or may not be reality. Sometimes things change.

"I want a dress that's better than Kate Middleton from the royal wedding!" Carmen proclaimed one day.

I tried to picture any dress as pretty as that and couldn't. It was glorious in many ways.

"That may not be possible." I said truthfully.

Today was to be a slow day and I already wanted it to be over with. No more studing or constanly glancing at the clock.
Just a simple day today.

This room was hot.
Not like my room which was cold as freakin ice.
Come to think of it, I had no memory of even going home.

Dimmly I heared faint murmurs on my right side. I couldn't make out what was being said but from the way they laughed I knew they were bad.

My eyes wouldn't respond to my command at all. I was bottled up inside me!
I couldn't speak.

I felt a cold hand trailing down my arm.

I shivered slightly at it's deathly touch. It did not feel right, this hand. It felt evil or at least crazy.

"The damned Demon Of Hell will awken soon. I will look forward to meeting her." It was a male vouce that spoke. Not a voice I memorized.

When was I to awake?!

Where was I?

More importantly..

Where was him?

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