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Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:49 am

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Kaitlin stood up. It was her turn to present her speech on static electricity. She slowly walked to the front of the room, keeping her eyes on the ground the whole time. When she reached the second row to the front, a leg shot out from the right side, tripping her.
​The leg disappeared, and a different set of legs came to view. She looked up to see her teacher, who looked very unhappy. Kaitlin couldn’t believe it. She was about to be blamed again.
​“Kaitlin Maccabrees!” said her teacher sternly. “You march yourself down to the principal’s office right this minute!”
​Kaitlin heard snickering. She made the mistake of looking up, only to see her crush, Danny, burst into full out laughter. His leg seemed suspiciously similar to the one that had tripped her. Inside, she was dying to rat him out, but she knew that she liked him too much to do that.
​Unfortunately, he knew that too.
​It was humiliating. Danny had been totally in love with her in second and third grade, but then he moved away for a year to Colorado. He had come back right after fifth grade ended. Kaitlin had never liked him much before. But when he walked in the doors of Caperton Middle School, he had changed completely. Kaitlin had fallen head over heels for him. But he wasn’t interested in her anymore.
​Danny now liked Shelly. It broke Kaitlin’s heart to see them together. Especially since Shelly used to make fun of Danny in third grade when she moved there from L.A.
​Kaitlin arrived at Principal Linda’s office and sat down. Next to her was a tiny girl reading a book. The girl looked up when Kaitlin sat down. She said her name was Trina and that she was in fifth grade. Then she went back to her book.
​Principal Linda came out, and told Kaitlin to come in. Kaitlin followed her into the way-to-familiar office. She sat down in the plastic red chair and turned to face Principal Linda.
​“Why are you here this time, Kaitlin?” asked Principal Linda kindly. “Did Miss Jayna overreact again?” Principal Linda was always nice to everyone.
​“I-I tripped wh-when I was walking t-to pres-sest,” stammered Kaitlin nervously.
​“I’ll ask Miss Jayna to stop people from leaving all their stuff in the middle of those walkways.” The Principal checked the clock. She said goodbye to Kaitlin and told her to go back to class.
​Kaitlin walked slowly out of the office and burst into tears. She ran home.

When Kaitlin got home, her mom was waiting for her.
​Kaitlin didn’t stop to explain anything to her. Kaitlin rushed up to her room and stuck her face on her pillow. She went through the day in her head. Danny hated her. She hated Shelly.
​Kaitlin’s mom came up to Kaitlin’s room. She was holding two hot chocolates. She set one down next to Kaitlin and sat down on the edge of the bed. She didn’t say anything. After ten minutes, she left, but hesitated at the doorway. She turned around and realized that Kaitlin was asleep. There was something black sticking out from under Kaitlin’s pillow.
​Her mom walked over and picked it up. It was a journal. She flipped to the last page and saw the name Danny written all over it.
​She silently replaced the journal and left.

​There was a knock at the door. Kaitlin’s mom opened the door and tried her best not to gasp.
​‘Hello, Mrs. Maccabrees,” said the person at the door. “May I please come in? I need to talk to Kaitlin, if that’s alright.”
​Mrs. Maccabrees let him in and closed the door, still in shock.
​She said, “Kaitlin’s upstairs in her room. Make sure to knock first; she might still be asleep.”
​He walked quietly up the stairs and to the left. He knew the house well.
​Once he reached Kaitlin’s door, he heavily knocked three long knocks. The door cracked open enough for Kaitlin to see who it was, then, after hiding her shocked face, slammed the door in the visitor’s face.
​A minute went by, then finally Kaitlin opened her door again to see if the person was still there.
​He was, and he was holding his bloody nose with his sweatshirt sleeve.
​Kaitlin disappeared, then came back with a box of tissues. She let him in her room. He sat down on the bed, being very careful not to let any blood drip onto the bedspread.
​“Ummmm… no offense or anything, but, like, why are you here?” asked Kaitlin.
​“I remembered that you fell during science today. How are you feeling? What did Principal Linda say?” asked the boy.
​“Ummmm… well, first of all, I was tripped, as you should remember quite well, and second of all, Principal Linda just said that she would talk to Miss Jayna.”
​“Oh, well, sorry for today.”
​“Are you really?”
​The boy stood up. “I can’t believe you!” he yelled. “After all these years! And now you’re accusing me of not being sorry?! You know what, I came all the way here, through the rain-“
​“It’s raining?”
​“YES! It’s pouring!”
​“Ugh! So anyway! I came here through the pouring rain to tell you something that I thought you might have wanted to know! But now I can see that I should’ve stayed home!”
​Kaitlin almost burst into tears. She already knew what he was going to say. She had been at her locker that morning, and overheard shocking news.
Danny and Shelly had broken up.
Danny left the room.

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