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Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:24 am

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Dutiful Daughter

“These are hard times, Kamya.” Her parents would often say.

She knows the underlying meaning of that statement. These are hard times, and therefore, everyone must pitch in to help out in the family’s financial burdens. She knows that their parents are not forcing her or her younger siblings to take care of their household finances, but in her heart, she understands her obligations as the eldest child.

Kamya has always been the one to give up anything for the sake of her younger siblings. She put herself through schools, working part time while earning a degree in business. Now that she’s found a good job, she can help out even more in paying their bills and sending her siblings to school. After all, education is very important so she doesn’t mind scrimping to have money for her siblings’ tuition.

Through it all, Anbumadhi was always there to support her. They have been together for four years now. They met way back in college. He was a study buddy in the beginning, but love soon blossomed between them.

Her parents approve of Anbumadhi. They like him because they can see that he takes good care of Kalai, and they can see how much he respects her. He was almost like a part of her family already.

Lately, however, Anbumadhi has been giving hints of wanting to settle down and starting a family of their own. Kalai knew that she still had responsibilities towards her family, and Anbumadhi knows that her family always comes first. But Kalai also knew that it was selfish of her to ask Anbumadhi to understand her all the time. He has been very patient all these years.

Sometimes late at night, Kalai would ask the heavens to help her in her dilemma. She didn’t know what to do. She loves Anbumadhi, but she also loves her family.

“Help me, please!” She pleaded. “Show me what to do.”

Painfully and regretfully, Kalai realized what she must do the next morning. Her family comes first. No matter how much she loves Anbumadhi and how painful it will be to let him go, she knows that the only solution to her problem is to give one up for the other, and she cannot give up her family.

Anbumadhi deserves to have the family he longs for, and at this time, that’s something she cannot give him. Once again, Kalai was ready to sacrifice for the sake of her family.

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