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Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:53 am

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The war between man and beast was over quickly, yet still remains the worst war Altrueia has ever seen in its history of creation. More blood ran rivers in the deserts and forests and plains then twenty of the wars since the Great War. Man was wiped out. Beasts now ruled in old crumbly bits of what was left behind. Now beasts kill beasts, fight against each other like petty children. Or so most beasts believe humans were wiped out hundreds of years ago. There are still those who hid beneath the ground, through the rock and dirt. There the last blood of Man flows, lives and breathes. Any who grew bold or bored of living under the earth did not last very long. Unless they learned to adapt. Like my mother did. She had her whole body stained green, she sharpened her teeth and scared her face horribly. Looked like the smaller beasts that called themselves the lizard folk besides for the lack of tail and forked tongue. She lived above for many years above ground, in the sun before she was discovered. She had found to love a beast, or as they call themselves Daemons. The most human like from the list of beasts that filled in the place of man kind. And the most dangerous. What convinced that Deamon not to kill her the moment it found out still confounds me. Instead he seemed to share the feeling. Or at least had felt lust towards her body. In a few years of the two staying together, along came their freak child. Me. Several years later as my form grew tall and strong, I did what my father Daemon should have done the moment he saw my mother. I killed her, ripped her heart out and ate it. The fear i tasted on my tongue was like a drug, soaking into my system till i myself was quite sure that it was my heart being ripped out. As i was in this daze my father happened upon the gruesome scene. He roared and fire shot from his mouth and burned my back. He drove his claws into my neck and was about to kill me. But he could not finish it. He let go of me, as blood began to gush from my body. Through the horrid pain i could hear him curse me. Felt his anger and new found hate resound throughout the air like a poisonous gooey fog.

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