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Tue May 17, 2011 5:20 pm

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I exist between time, living in the mist of dreams.
In a world gleaming without sorrow,
And hurtful things.

No violence, No hatred, No crimes, No death,
My world is pure love breathing a vibrant breath,
About you, somebody will always care,
Making their love so heavy,
You can taste it in the air.

They will always stop, at least to say hello,
Even if they're strangers you dont know.
This world is always happy and never sad.
Destruction is non existant,
And no one's ever mad.

There is no worries, never prejudice,
And I owe it completely to her sweet kiss.
As I walk through this beautiful land,
Holding my true love's hand,
Nothing can ever go wrong,
Because she speaks with heavens song.

My world is perfect when she's nearby,
Her warm embrace IS love,
And I thank God it's mine.
Dreams dont last,
She sheds a tear, within is fear.
Lighting cracks and it starts to snow,
From my grasp, my life has let go.

Thunder storms, the ground splits,
It begins to hail,
I'm in the real world now baby,
The dreams have failed.

I'm awoke.
I hear gunshots then smell gunsmoke.
The sound of sirens and mothers crying,
Their children dying.
Killed by there best friend, its a wonder.

But who cares, he's just another number.
This world is full of the weak,
Mad niggas blazin' heat,
Over stupid sh*t, causing families grief.

Within this world,
Hunger, murder, and hatred rein surpreme,
Turning civilized hands unclean.
And too many lies for the power and green,
Complete the corporate scene;
Making our streets a nightmare of dying dreams,
Leaving a hopeless world,
Starving on material things.

Death, Destruction, Lies and Deciet,
Give this world cold feet,
Keeping certain love stays beat,
Battered and abused,
Shattered and used,
Then completely refused.

I hate the world today and tomorrow,
The future just can't stay,
Because of their sorrow.
But, forget this world,
It's not worth a peep,
I'm thinking of my girl,
And going back to sleep...

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