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Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:42 am

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long, long, long, long, long ago there was a little boy genius with a rather strange name. it was Gui Guzi meaning-Ghostly millet or unhusked rice.

why was he a genius? because at the age of 3 he began to study medicine. at 5 he was a docter.

pretty soon alot of people came because he was a truly remarkable docter. he could even do surgery. forget about playing with other kids-their were patients to cure!

not far away, in fact in running distance was a county magistrate. this guy was the local tyrant. but his right leg was covered with deep, ugly, sore ulcers.no one he knew could help him and he did'nt like it. after all there was tyranting to be done and you cant do that in pain.

somehow he heard of Gui Guzi(later known as the boy).

he quickly snapped his fingers and summoned his head thug. after all every tyrant needs some thugs. the thug though was officallly the guy's runner and located the boy who was not surprising wasnt busy.

i'm not sure what happened but it probaly went like this:
"hey kid come with me, the tyrant needs ya"
"what kind of self-respecting kid genius goes helping the local tyrant?"
the runner was a rather short tempered man and promptly hit the boys head. it hurt. emphasis on HURT.

the thug promptly picked the boy up and ran back to the county magistrates mansion.

the tyrant thanked him for coming and surprisingly the boy agreed.

"i'm sure i can help you but i'll need to cut it off then i can put another mans's leg on it."
"...okay, hey runner get some guy from the prisin with a working leg"
"no, no,(boy)i need to be sure because leg cant be to long or short, dont worry i got the right guy"

he looked at the thug.

long story short the thug protested, the tyrant went evil and got more thugs to hold down the runner who wont be running anymore, the boy got a knife did surgery. the magistrate was no longer in pain. the boy was sorry for the former runner and got him a dog leg

the end

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