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Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:53 am

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Dear Diary,
My most humble greetings when I reach open your ribbon-bound pages. Lady Amella has given you to me on occasion of the Grande Ball. I will write my most honest feelings toward the court at Le Manoir au Paronige.
My day has gone quietly, like this. At eight in the morning, Babette (who is my maid) woke me for a breakfast. Then at nine, I resumed my washing and started my lessons. I took but a small intermission for a luncheon, but soon I resumed my duties. Madame LuBelle (my tutor)has insisted on my learning of the "ladylike arts" which include how to clean (though I doubt its use in any house that I command)and place things as they should be. I resume then my "chores" which are the things of the ladylike arts that I must endure. My afternoon was without the fresh aroma of outdoors, because it is, indeed, quite gloomy outside. Babette had pity on my heart and sought to bring me some small cookies and a cup of tea. I heartily requested more of the delectable cookies, but Babette refused, "to maintain a healthy weight." The nerve! I will discuss her behaviour with Madame LaBelle, Papa, and Maman. I set upon my bed to read a small novel and enjoyed some more tea to rest my nerves. Upon me, bedrest has become. I must leave you now, I shall write again if it is then convenient.
Yours Truly,
Mademoiselle Lydia Esmerelda Maronette



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