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Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:36 am

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I did some research on out of body experiences and astral projection and what not, well I came across sleep paralysis and I was thinking you know hey that kind of sounds like what's going on with me because I'm still confused about what is taking place. See I have some similarities of sleep paralysis but so many differences that don't occur in sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis you can't move, breathe, and what not. Let me explain my story and how it all went down in the beginning and how it goes down now and when you are done reading PLEASE feel free to give your opinions I REALLY want and need some answers. Thanks.

Ok so I'm 18 about to be 19 in about two in a half months or so and this all began about four years ago. I can remember the very first one that started all this crazyness.

I live in MS and was living in a fema trailer didn't live in it for long just so I could finish school where I was going until we moved, but back to the point. Well, I was laying in the bottom bunk and it was storming and I was just randomly thinking to myself with all this wind what if the trailer was to, you know, tip over or whatever (it never did just saying) well I didn't even realize at all that I had fallen asleep I could of swore I was still awake I was laying on my stomach and all of the sudden the trailer started to tip over and as I started to realize what happened I would not move at all, couldn't breathe, talk, or nothing I heard my name and felt something trying to pull at my legs and then all of the sudden I was awake, well that sounds like sleep paralysis I'm sure your thinking but get this after awhile it all started to change.

I started have the dreams in random places I KNOW I'm sleeping everytime it happens and I can breathe everytime but I just still can't move and everytime I have one I always try to wake myself up and sleep paralysis they say you can't move anything but your eyes but lots of times I can't even move my eyes when I try to wake myself up. I try to pry my eyes open and its so difficult and when I do finally awaken, if I don't get up or move my sleeping position I fall straight back to sleep within a millisecond and be right back where I was when I was trying to wake myself up. After the dreams started in random places they end up always being where ever I'm sleeping now.

One time I was sleeping at my boyfriend's house and I had the dream... I was in the bed and he was there next to me. I could see him sleeping and as I'm trying to wake myself up I'm also trying to wake him up thinking maybe he could wake me up like if I was moving in my sleep or something but it doesn't work. I know it can't be sleep paralysis, like its not a complete paralysis sometimes I'm actually up out of bed and walk to the door but all at the same time I'm trying to wake myself up because I'm scared. See I can kind of move in a way, it's like being on one of those rides that spin super super fast and you can't move and when you can its a struggle. Well that's kind of like what happends to me. I like move in slow motion while trying to shake my body to wake myself up. Also, when I don't have those dreams I have somewhat regular dreams but I know I'm dreaming even though it feels real, and I mean everything feels real. I read about lucid dreaming and I believe that's what those are but the other creepy ones I'm still looking for answers and hoping you guys out there could help.

There's lots more details but I put most of it on here and if I get any replies I'll talk more about other details. Please let me know what you think or possibly know and feel free to ask questions...


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Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:14 am

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you might be experiensing out of body experience.. thats what it sounds like to me..

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