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Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:17 am

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Gwendolyn heard a faint drumming sound which slowly got louder as she neared the eery ally-way she had to walk through to get home. She saw a shadow which seemed to move. "Halt"it seemed to whisper. "why should I?" asked Gwendolyn."because if you do not the drums will get louder and louder until you cannot bear it"replied the shadow.Gwen heard the faint sound of footsteps slowly get to a cresendo clip clop they went the footsteps paused for a second. the shadow seizing its chance surd quickly " grasp my hand and we will be safe".But before she could answer the shadow seized her hand and they dissapeared. A fulgent of light surrounded them was this shadow tricking her. they both landed in the same ally-way though something was different. The ally-way had lights alligning it and in the place of the shadow was a tall well favoured man. his lookes were roughish for he had not shaved his face."who are you and where am I?"demanded Gwen who was panic stricken. "you are in the middle ages, and I am Royce follow me now before you are seen I will explain later when we are safe"responded Royce. He took hold of her hand and led her throuhg a hidden door.which led to a rather adumbrate room. with a small fire-place that was lit."I will close the door and turn arround so I will not look there is a dress lain out on the second chair". Gwen got changed in to a blue cotton dress with a gold under hem. The sleeves were long and and a long clasp on her wrists. Royce turned round he smiled a smile that could make a womens heart stop beating."now sit down and I will tell you why you are being hunted"said Royce. " A prophet called Willow exclaimed to the royals that if their son married a girl called Gwen who will be in her 16th year this year their kingdom will belong to them. the same rule applies to every noble in the country who is not already wed and who has heard the prophecy and the fact that she would be from the future". explained Royce. "I don't see why this has got to do with me half the prophets are wrong anyway it relys on the fact that if they are good to the people then they would want them as rulers" replied Gwen.A loud knock sounded at the door "This is the commander of the royal gaurd I command you to let me in" shouted a voice from behind the door. "I have no choice Gwen I am sorry the penalty is death don't worry I know what to do when you are in the castle I will break you out" Royce whispered he then unlocked the door and let the gaurd in. "hello officer I was just waiting for you to get here I couldn't let this girl freeze could I?". "I understand Royce this must be Gwendolyn ,Jasper is going to have fun with her".

Gwen pretended to be weak and let them take her to the huge beautiful castle on the hill. Once in Gwen noted all the possible escape routes and remembered the secret passage ways. It was not long before she was in the throne room and was presented to the king and queen. "this must be the famed Gwendolyn"expressed a deep voice from behind her. "Ah Jasper this is Gwendolyn" said the Queen. the queen was short and stout and a chubby face. the king however was tall and lean. Jasper stood in front of Eliza who kept her head down. Jasper cupped her chin and gently pushed her head up. He let go slowly "what a beauty you are Gwendolyn"said Jasper in Admiration. Indeed she was she had long wavy strawberry blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes. and a gently rounded face. she had a pronounced pout with very kissable lips. her skin was tanned. his gaze drifted to her breasts which were half revealed in the dress she wore. one word discribed her and that was perfect.Gwen was doing some exploring with her eyes herself he is very handsome she allowed him that.He was tall and lean like his father she guessed he had muscles and no fat on him. Jasper had light brown hair cut in a sort of feathered style which was shortish. his eyes were a startling green. he was at least six feet. his mouth was just the right size but was now smiling.Gwen stopped and stared back at him. "If you are done assessing me may I go because this is to weird for me the whole castle thing which by the way can lead to you being raided due to square towers" Gwen said defyingly."mother she is perfect and she if from the prophecy" Jasper said he stepped closer she waited till he was near enough then kneed him in the bullocks. "smile your highness and goodbye"Gwen tossed over her shoulder as she walked out. She ran down the corridor aware of the gaurds chasing her she slipped into a room and locked it. "where is that damn door?"whispered Gwen. "yes i found it" with that she walked into the now open passage way which then locked behind her.

she ran toward the light. "yes freedom at last"shouted Elizabeth smiling. Royce stood there "hello Gwen I see you found the passage way"said Royce who then smiled. Gwen smiled back he really was a handsome man. She walked toward him till they were inches apart. She closed the distance and his cool lips met hers. Royce immediately kissed her back his she moaned and molded herself to his length and wrapped her arms arround the very object that was distroying her balance. his response shocked her his arms wrapped arround her like bands of unbreakable steel. Royce's tongue ran along the whole length of the creese of her lips. erging her to part them when she did his tongue went into her mouth relishing it its softness. Gwen pulled back and pushed his arms away with a strength she didn't know she possessed. Royce was confused "you kiss me one minute then walk away?" Royce asked. "you don't understand I need to get to my world but I can't if I grow attached to you"replied Gwen.Gwen suddenly ran through the forest with Royce following behind. "In here"whispered Gwen. she was standing in an abandoned cabin.Or so she thought for there stood Jasper on his own Royce stood outside making sure he was not seen. "ah Gwen come here"said Jasper."No make me"replied Gwen defiently. "with pleasure" said Jasper in a husky voice.He then walked over to her with his face inchs from hers.His mouth came down to hers. "this is what you were meant for"he whispered before he took her lips in a long violently sweet kiss.



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