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Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:51 pm

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Shayleigh Richards woke up in the same room as always. The light orange walls, small window, and purple fuzzy rug. It was Saturday and it was summer. Shayleigh rolled onto her back and listened to the radio for a minute. Then she sat up and let her feet sink into the carpet. It was actually pretty peaceful for a Saturday morning so she decided to have a look around. She walked across the hall and into her little sisters bedroom. Shayleigh's 4 year old sister, Kara was sleeping soundly. Shayleigh backed up and walked into the next room. Her 1 month old sister, Kristenia, was wide awake and playing with a stuffed animal. Shayleigh grabbed her handfulls of thick brown curls and tied them back, then she leaned over into the crib and picked up her baby sister. Shayleigh sat in the rocking chair with Kristenia and remembered the times that their mom used to act like a mom. Shayleigh's mom, Amber, had once been the best mom in the world. Mrs. Richards had once been a straight A, popular cheerleader with the footbal quarter back boyfriend everyone wanted. Mrs. Richards had Shayleigh when she was only 16 years old and from there, her life went downhill. At first, Amber loved her beautiful baby girl with all her heart. She seemed perfectly responsible for the baby and she seemed the ideal mother. When Amber's jock boyfriend broke up with her, Amber went into a depression. Shayleigh went to live with her grandmother for 3 years until Shayleigh came back and got her toddler. At 20 years old, Amber was living in a nice house that she had bought with her parents small fortune. Amber brought Shayleigh home and moved her into a bright pink room with tons of toys. To Amber's family, it seemed that Amber had completely overcome her depression and was ready to become the perfect mother again, but Amber's family was wrong. In the time that Amber didn't have Shayleigh, she had taken to drinking and smoking. Amber threw wild parties at her house almost every night and Shayleigh stayed up late and listened to the loud music. Shayleigh was getting frustrated with her lack of sleep and when she was 5, she told Amber's mom about the parties. Shayleigh's mom was very disappointed to hear that Shayleigh was being neglected and she took Shayleigh back to her home again. Amber, now 22 years old, kept partying. But when Amber's party friends finally all went away to College, Amber got lonely again. She met a male model and let him move into her house. On Amber's 24th birthday, she once again brought Shayleigh home. Shayleigh fit right into the now normal family and that's how it stayed, for a while anyways. Shayleigh was 8 years old when her mother married Jacob Pryce and they lived happily for about 17 months. Then Amber discovered she wa pregnant. Jacob was a great supporter of Amber and he wouldn't let the next child have the rough life of Shayleigh so he stayed close to Amber all the time. On December 31th, when Amber was 26, Kara was born. Amber delievered a healthy baby girl and was all smiles, until she got home. Amber stayed in her room for a whole week while Jacob tended to newborn Kara and 10 year old Shayleigh. Finally after the first week, Amber came out of her bedroom and started taking care of Kara. Then Jacob got some bad news, he was to go to Paris for a month to model. Amber promised that she would be okay and the next day, Jacob was gone. Amber spent the month trying to be a responsible mother, but couldn't handle 2 children, so Shayleigh's grandmother came and took Shayleigh again. Shayleigh lived with her grandmother for 2 years, until he grandmother died of a heartattack. Shayleigh was devastated about the death and she was terrified to see what had become of her mother and baby sister. The day Shayleigh returned home was the best day of her life. Her mother and Jacob had a nice Welcome Home party and her 2 year old sister, Kara had lots of hugs and kisses. Shayleigh felt at home with her real family. The year that Shayleigh turned 14, Kara turned 4, and Amber turned 30. Amber gave birth to a third baby girl. This time, Amber was the mother from the beginning. She had gotten used to multi-tasking and she was prepared to take on 3 kids. The loving support from Jacob was enough to get her through and the family was a big bundle of love. Until the one day everything changed, again.

As Shayleigh was rocking Kristenia, Amber walked into the room.
"Good Morning mom." Shayleigh said.
"Morning hun. I can take your sister, let's go downstairs and get some breakfast." Amber came over and took Kristenia. She cradled the baby and they walked downstairs. Shayleigh opened the freezer and took out a toaster strudel. She popped it in the toaster and waited. Just then, Kara came bouncing down the stairs.
"Good morning Kara! How did you sleep?" Amber kissed Kara's forehead.
"Good thanks mommy." Kara had become quite the polite girl since Shayleigh had moved back in.
"Well good morning." Jacob walked down the stairs and hugged his wife. It was a perfect family scene to any passers but underneath the photo were the truths to the past.
"Dad, do you want any toast?" Shayleigh turned around.
"No thanks Shay. I have to get to work." Jacob had quit his modeling job when he got home from Paris those few years back and now he worked in an office for a law firm.
"Okay dad. Have fun!" Shayleigh took the strudels out of the toaster and put them on the green plate. She grabbed a chair and sat down at the table.
"Better get dressed girls. Today you're going to Aunt Aubrey's for the day." Amber handed Kristenia back to Shayleigh and the girls walked back to their bedrooms. Shayleigh dressed Kristenia in a pair of shorts and a cute t-shirt. Then she laid Kristenia in the crib and went to help Kara. When Kara was finally dressed, Shayleigh dressed herself. Aunt Aubrey was Amber's only sister. Aubrey had moved to New Jersey as soon as she was old enough and swore that she wanted nothing to do with hre sister's train wreck life. Until last year when Aubrey moved back to New York and learned that her sister was stable.

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