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Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:54 am

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It had been a whole new year since the hellmouth had destroyed sunnydale, and quite a bit had changed. Princ. Wood had taken the potential slayers to another part of the world- Austrailia to fight evilness there, Faith and Andrew were still with the gang though. Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn and Giles had remained.

So now the gang is in a brand new place, somewhere far away from Sunnydale, a town called 'Brisken'.

Willow's been searching for the right materials to bring back loved ones such as Anya and Spike, even Tara. Willow and Kennedy's relationship was sweet, however Kennedy was just bi-curious and had decided she perferred men.
Xander is still half blind and wearing a eyepatch, although Willow is making progress on his eye with a new spell she had found in an old book. Xander misses Anya more than anything in the world, he still cries himself silently to sleep every night.
Dawn is still herself,but she has a interest in a new boy from town who likes to be a little dangerous.
Giles has been trying to train Andrew self defense,however, "It's like training a vampire to run outside into the sun to go play." As Faith says.

Buffy still keeps everybody held up good, she's even more protective of Dawn now. She doesn't let on to anyone but Willow how much she actually misses Spike.
Dawn opened the fridge to reach for a jug of orange juice. It was a nice sunny morning in Brisken. She checked her watch, the school bus would be here any minute.
"Buffy! Don't forget Xander's coming in an hour to fix the sink!" Dawn had yelled to her sister who was still half asleep in bed.
The bus was beeping outside now, Dawn grabbed her backpack and had been speed walking out of the little apartment that her and her sister has been living in.

Buffy rolled out of bed mumbling something to herself and grabbed some clothes so she could go have a nice shower to wake her up some more.
While she was in the shower rubbing body wash all over herself and shampooing her hair she couldn't get one question in particular out of her mind.
'Why couldn't Willow ever just use the spell she did on me, when I had died?'

As she got out , dried off and dressed, Buffy had checked on the kitchen sink. It still had been the only sink in her home that had barley any water coming out of it.

Xander had finally showed up with Faith tagged along. "Hey B, I'm taking you out for a little shopping. They've got some discounts at the tattoo parlor. Think I wanna get a set of lips on my ass."
Buffy rolled her eyes at Faith and went over the door to put on her shoes.
"Alright, I'll go but I am not getting any tattoo's." Faith nodded her head and said Buffy was no fun.
"Thanks by the way for looking at that Xand!" Buffy said before she left the apartment with her friend.
"No problem Buff. Are you going on patrol tonight?"
Faith smirked. "There's this little bar downtown that has opened up last week, and it's been getting quite a few people missing from it recently..sound fishy B?"
"Willow , I just don't think you should be doing this, it's wrong isn't it? Oh, this is blundering." Giles had said as he was pacing back in forth at Willow's house with a mug of coffee in his hand.
Willow had been sitting on the floor concentrating, she had been smearing blood on her forehead, and under her eyes. Doing the procession that she had done before with Buffy's death. She was trying to bring Tara back to life. "Giles I just need, I need you to stop. Please, I can do this. And when I get my sweet,sweet Tara back..I can do it again. I am so much stronger now."
It was 8pm when Buffy and Faith had ventured in the new little bar. It was called 'Faint', and was pretty popular. Buffy hasn't seen a vampire in eight monthes, that's how low they were keeping.
The girls sat down at a table and ordered a beer, well Faith did, Buffy ordered a coke.
"Damn, I was guaranteed that tattoo parlor dude would accept my ladies for a pass." Faith said referring to her breasts.
Buffy sighed. "Faith...."
The brunette snickered and said if only all men were that dumb. Just then something caught Buffy's eye. She had seen a couple standing on stairs, the male had his back faced to Buffy. He was wearing a black leather trench coat with bleached hair. The female had a bright orange bobcut with a petite body frame.
Buffy swallowed hard, was that who she thought it was?

Faith eventually looked over because whatever she was going on about, Buffy wasn't listening. The two slayers had been distantly keeping an eye on them, and roughly ten minutes later the couple had went out the back door outside.
"Game on." Faith said low with a lick of the lips and a grin. The two girls followed outside. The male had the girl pinned against a dumpster, he was morphed into a vamp, gameface on. About to take a bite, when Faith had pelted her empty beer bottle at his head.

"You go a little too far on the first date, dontcha?" Buffy asked him with an arched eyebrow. The vampire hissed and threw the girl aside now focusing on the girls. The twenty-something woman had fleed the scene running away crying.
"Well, well. I'd perfer two girls than one." The vamp had said shaking his head to the right. Buffy looked closely at him, his black leather coat was too ripped and had grease stains on it, his hair had black roots coming through.
She almost thought it was Spike when she seen him from a distance, but she knew it would be too good to be true. Spike was in another world.

Faith jumped at the vampire, grabbing him by the hair of the head and slamming him on the dumpster. "Actually we're the slayers, dumbass."
The vampire looked kind of shocked, then roared in pain. "Bitches! Get away! Simone will find out! She will!"
Buffy kicked him in the face and grabbed a wooden stake that she had in her inner red leather coat pocket. "Who's Simone?" She asked yelling at him, while Faith held his two arms so he couldn't move much.
"Simone is the great leader of our pack you fool! She will find out! And when she does, you'll be sorry!"
Faith rolled her eyes and grabbed Buffy's stake from her hand and dusted him herself.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever"

A little pissed, Buffy recieved her stake back from Faith and stuck it back in her pocket. "Ask next time maybe? And he could've told us more..Whoever this Simone is."
Faith laughed. "God knows, anyway now that that's done, I'm going to find me a nice man, get some nacho's and go back to my place to get the rest of this energy out. Cya tomorrow B."
Faith walked off back into the bar, while Buffy took in a deep breath and started walking home.

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