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Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:34 am

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I born in a land were power was everything title could be the different between life and death and where I was meant to define all the laws set before me. I am Alexandra Aluza Sky, sole dauther of Seth Black Sky and Amarantha White Sky, twin sister of Rex Red Sky, and most of all the leader of the rebellion, but that’s not where my story begins. It begins one year ago right before my sixteenth birthday and the winter solstes. It begins the night my mother was killed.

Dark truth
Tears rolled down my face. “mother, mother, no, no.” I cried running my fingers over her still warm skin.
“my lady, may we ready the queen for burial?” a woman asked behind me.
“yes prepare the White Queen.” I said wiping the tears off my face. the servent bowed her head thinking I would slap her for seeing me in a disgraceful state. I walked pass her and into my fathers chambers.
“father what was her cause of death?” I asked not looking in his black eyes.
He laughed “that’s not the question you want answered my little daughter.” He said.
“no, but will you tell me the truth?”
“yes Alex I will tell you the truth,” he said running his hand over my cheek, “I killed your mother.” He said darkly scorching my face. he let out a roar of laughter. “and nothing is stopping me from doing the same to you.” His smiled darkly.
Before I knew it shadow hand grabbed me pulling me to the ground. I reacted like I had been tained to my who life but for the first time I feared for my life. Ice and water balted against his dark grip but I was losing and badly we fire danced across the room at him from behind.
“run Alex.” My friend yelled.
I ran knowing now that I could not defeat my father.
We reached the end of Skya. I grabbed Pyrro’s arm and we jumped thought the air I scearmed out “ winter-wing I call upon you.” Before I knew it winter-wings body was under mine I kissed her head “thank you” I whispered in her ear.

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