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Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:46 pm

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Lyra leans closer; her intense gaze is set upon me. I swallow.

"You understand, though. Don't you?" She asks. With no answer, she becomes annoyed,

"Answer me. Everlet, answer me"

I try to avoid her eyes, they tell lies. A small sob escaped my mouth, without meaning. She pulls me in for a hug, but I resist. My body quakes, I stand and take a step back.

Reaching for me, she calls my name, but I'm already running. I hear her tell me to come back or else. Or else, I think, what? My foot catches on a root, which had not been there before. I land face first. Hearing footsteps, I struggle to get back up. Scarmbling to me

fett, she is getting nearer.

"Freeze," she commands.

My body stops, I struggle to blink. Her hands run along my back, to my shoulder. She stops in front of me.

"you should not have ran, Everlet. You should know by now, but obviously you don't." she tsks, "I loved you. You were my best friend. I thought you would understand."

Squeezing my eyes shut I try to put up a mental barrier.

"It will not work, Everlet. The harder you try, the easier it is for me. You're just feeding me energy." Lyra laughs.

Ignoring her completely, i try harder. A soaring pain enters my mind, I scream. The pain is like fireworks, but painful. It felt like I was in bliss, but really, I was dying. A voice in my head told me it was working and to keep going. I let out one last scream and fall to the ground. I hear Lyra screech, and then I see her green figure running away. Drops of water fall on my face before my eyes rest.



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