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Mon May 16, 2011 11:37 am

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Boy truly loved Girl. Girl always said she loved Boy as well, but very rarely acted as if such was true. Sometimes Boy believed Girl love him, and sometimes he thought Girl simply enjoyed making Boy feel pain. Boy had been chasing Girl for four years. At first, Boy was not specifically fond of Girl, yet Girl thought Boy was good looking. Soon, Boy began to like Girl. After about a year, Boy fell in love with Girl. Constantly Boy would question himself. He was not fully sure that he loved Girl. He thought maybe just because they were teenagers, his hormones were messing with him. So, Boy began to follow Logic’s viewpoint. Logic eventually convinced Boy that Girl was worthless and only playing with his emotions. So, Boy finally gave up on Girl, and did not think of her anymore, and felt no remorse for his decision to finally move on with his life.

Nearly a year and a half later, Girl asked Boy to hang out. Boy was skeptical at first, but simply let bygones be bygones, and accepted. It was not long before Boy began to like Girl again, and he remembered all the fun he used to have spending time with her, despite the constant pain she caused him. So, yet again, he fell for her. Only, this time, he felt different. When Boy had first begun to feel such affection towards Girl, his feelings had never matched their current strength. This time, Boy truly felt as if he loved her.

Over time, Boy faced endless tribulations, all caused by Girl. Things took a turn for the worst when Buff came along, but that is another story for another time. So, to skip to the point, Boy decided to make Girl feel as bad as Girl made Boy feel. She was always doing terrible things, and Boy would no longer sit and watch the atrocities unfold. Boy then made a deal with Girl. Any time Girl inflicted physical pain upon herself, he would do the same – five times worse.

He noticed a small cut on Girl’s wrist the next day. He asked why she had done such a thing to herself, but she remained silent. So, the second he got home, he picked up a needle and poked it into his skin repeatedly until a line was made. He did so five more times. He then went into his bathroom and rinsed the cuts until they stopped bleeding.

Boy soon found out that Girl’s boyfriend had left her. So Girl slit her wrists from her elbow to her forearm. Boy then pulled out his pocketknife, and ran it heavily across his skin on the upside of his arm, from his elbow to his forearm. He proceeded to do the same on the obverse of his arm and on the left and right sides, and lastly on the right side again. Blood coursed out the cuts, and soon he was unconscious. Mom and Dad found him in his room, panicked, and rushed him to the emergency room. The hospital report stated that he would be okay; he was just suffering from extensive blood loss. When he and his parents arrived home, they immediately pummeled Boy with questions. He replied that he had dropped a glass jar. Not a single extra detail was added. Mom and Dad were confused, but let it slide.

The proceeding day at church, Girl offered to hold Boy’s hand because nobody was looking. Boy happily agreed with Girl’s tempting fingers, and hugged them with his own. As Girl rubbed her thumb along Boy’s hand, she felt a weird feeling. She could not quite figure out what it was, so she pulled up Boy’s sleeve. Her eyes settled on his arm, and then the tears ensued. She screamed at Boy, asking why he would ever do such a thing to himself. His reply was as follows:

“I am merely keeping a promise.
I know you are not familiar with doing so.
I told you,
If I ever find out you had hurt yourself,
In any way,
I would do the same to myself
Five times over.”

Girl cried and cried. She then ran off, drops of sorrow and pity raining from her rosy cheeks. Boy’s stagnancy did not change, and he did not chase after her.

The next day at school Girl got into a fist fight. One of her teeth got knocked out. When Boy saw her later that day, he nearly exploded. He rushed home without as much as a goodbye and when he got there, he took a needle and thread from Mom’s desk. He then burst out his back door and into the woods behind his house. Boy committed an act of total insanity (although he deemed it proof of his love for Girl): he sewed his own mouth shut. Boy was unaware that Girl had not done to herself what he had thought, and therefore did to himself what he considered five times worse.

Later that day, Girl came to see Boy, and she asked why he had run off so suddenly. She saw what he had done to himself, slapped him, and ran off. This time she was crying so hard that she screamed uncontrollably. Boy started to think that maybe Girl truly loved him. But if she did, she would stop hurting herself.

A few weeks passed and Boy did not see Girl at all. She never answered his text messages or his phone calls. She never showed up at church. She even seemed to be gone from home. It was as if Girl had completely disappeared. As if she had ceased to exist.

Many more months passed, and Boy was literally on the verge of killing himself. Out of nowhere, Boy heard his phone vibrating, and when he looked down, the caller ID made his heart flip. He answered with a swift motion, and the voice told him to go out into the old cabin in the woods.

Boy had been to this destination so many times, he knew the route like the back of his hand – which, considering all he had done to himself, he knew relatively well.

When Boy arrived, Girl was sitting alone and offered him a seat. He sat, and they began to talk. They talked about everything that had gone on in their lives over the time they had spent away from each other. Honesty flooded the structure in which they sat. Then, the conversation began to get closer and closer to what Boy had wanted to hear for the last four years. The two kissed. They relieved their need for a breath, looked at each other, smiled the most contented smile Love had ever known, and locked lips once more. As the love continued, things got more serious. Boy reached for the bottom of Girl’s shirt, and slowly lifted it. As he gradually pulled it up more and more, he saw a sight to end it all. A large scar in the shape of an “X” revealed itself. A series of burn marks decorated the wound. Above the “X,” directly below Girl’s breasts, was a missing patch of skin. Girl had been beaten by her father, but Boy thoughts differently. His emotions lead him to believe they were all self-inflicted wounds, though they were not. Silence filled the area.

Boy lightly pushed Girl away, and stood up. Very slowly he pulled out his pocketknife. He then removed his shirt and carved five “X” shaped cuts into his torso: two on his chest, one below each of those, and one on top of his umbilical wound. All the while Girl tried to stop him, but he simply pushed her away and kept on going. This resistance caused the cuts to be uneven, tattering Boy.

Boy sliced and tour a petite chunk of flesh out of each of his sides. At this point, he was covered in blood. It was as if Satan had painted a new layer of skin made of blood upon Boy’s stomach. Girl’s efforts to discontinue Boy’s insanity proved useless. Then, finally, she yanked the knife from his hand and held it to her neck. She said, “If you do anymore to yourself, I will make you watch me commit suicide! The rest of your life will be pointless!”

He then began to light a fire. Girl thought he was going to finish the job and burn himself and, without hesitation, pulled the knife slowly across her neck. Boy jumped to her and took the knife. He threw it into the fire. He then grasped her by her shoulders, and said,

“I love you.
There is a method behind my madness.
I do not want to live without you.
But if you are happier with another guy,
So be it.
But I refuse to sit and watch,
As you slowly murder yourself.”

Boy hugged Girl with all his strength, and wept upon her until her shoulders were soaked in his love for her. She was weeping too, but even harder. He made her promise never to hurt herself again, unless she wished for his life to end. She agreed, and made him agree. They then began to kiss again, and without words, knew where their relationship now stood, and where it would stay.

"Originally i planned to end this in Boy still having his mouth sewn and there would have been no kissing and he would have ripped the stitches open, blood pouring from his lips, and then told Girl he loved her, and stabbed himself to death. Then as I began to write it I thought I would simply make him burn himself to death. Then I decided to let the ending be happy...well, as far as you can see."

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