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Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:53 pm

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I wouldn't call this experience super spectacular, but I want to share it for someone to tell me exactly what happened here.

When I was younger, my family moved in with my MawMaw and PawPaw. When I was 5, my PawPaw passed away due to heart failure. Moving onto when I was 11, I was watching a movie in our family room, and my dad would come in and come out, because he was busy with work (he works at home). While I was watching, out of my peripheral vision, I see a black figure walk out of the office, and come down the hall. I wasn't alarmed in any way, because I figured it was my dad coming out. But I see it turn into the foyer, which is connected to another Family room, connected to the dining room, which then leads into the kitchen. The kitchen then leads into the room I was in. I waited for my dad to come around the corner into the room where I was, but he never did. After a few minutes, my dad really did come out of the office and walked in. I didn't tell about what I saw. This was not my imagination, because I looked at it straight on, and it didn't go away.

When he left, I gained the courage to go into the foyer, which I NEVER liked to do at night. I remembered that I could always scream if I saw something. Nothing was there. I never heard the door open or a window break indicating it was an intruder. It was months before I told my dad about this. I had told two of my closest friends, though.

I never did believe in ghosts or spirits, until I started watching videos of them, then I started to change my mind. I never was, nor am I still, into hunting for them. Someone PLEASE tell me what happened here. My family has since moved out of this house, and in our current house, I've had some strange experiences. I'll tell you about them soon!

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