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Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:28 pm

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What is the purpose of commanding human beings to begin every act in the name of Allah? The operative word here is name. When we wear name brands for instance we do that for a purpose - to be able to gain standing in a society where these names are recognized. A baby, for instance is named after someone whom one is fond of respected, thus reviving the memory of the name.

Shaheed Murtaza Mutahhari in his book 'Understanding the Noble Qur'an' writes that the reason why we begin in the name of Allah is. He says "It is for the purpose of giving that act a sacred touch and making it blessed. When a human being who has a natural sentiment from Allah and considers Him a holy essence and a source of all Grace, begins an act in His name, it means that owing to His sanctity, nobility and greatness, the action to become sacred."

Let us consider this! Would we say Bismillah... before we abused someone or stretched out our hands to steal?

Another question that might come to mind when reciting Bismillah (In the Name of Allah) is what is the difference between Rahman and Rahim. Shaheed Murtaza Mutahhari writes: "The word Rahman denotes excess and therefore.Rahman means that Allah's mercy spreads everywhere and covers everything.The mercy of Allah has no exception. It does not include non-humans, nor does it include non-believers. It comprises the whole world.It is the extension of blessings to all existence while they exist, but many things are perishable. The word Rahim denotes stability.with its sense of stability and eternity it applies only to those who through their faith and good deeds have placed themselves in the path of Allah's particular blessings. So Allah's mercy is both universal and specific."

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