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Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:38 pm

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. . . . I ran faster as I saw those dumbass bullies starting to catch up with me. Was it my fault that I tried to dodge such a painful punch straight to my face?! As I ran, I could literally hear my own ZOOONG and saw many shocked faces go past me. I smirked slightly when I already saw the door to my next class straight ahead. A split second later, I'm already in front of the door. I skillfully turned the knob and before entering the room, I looked at my protagonists and smiled at them smugly. I shut the door when I'm already in and looked at Mrs. Wobbles straight in the eye.

"I'm sorry ma'am I'm late again."
"Well, well Ms. Crepsley. Then you know what this means. DETENTION !!!" She sure does hate me.

Okay. That was what happened to my life exactly 30 minutes ago. Now here I am in this ever sooo boring detention room staring at a history book. A few students were here: Cooper Alexis for stealing money, Janet Wayne maybe because of doing something malicious again, and a few more students like me that always do crap. Oh, and maybe you're wondering what exactly happened to me and those bullies. I'll just introduce myself in the next chapter. ;D

I guess you're wondering who I am. Well, I'm Azen Crepsley and believe it or not, I'm a female. And I am almost like this almost EVERY DAY OF MY FRIGGIN HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. Alway getting detention, getting chased by bullies, getting kicked, punched, mashed up, blah blah blah. I'm still in 1st year high anyway, 15 years old, an only child, and probably a spoiled brat. This was what happened, the reason why I was being chased all around the building.

I opened my locker and set my things for my next class: English. Ugh. Then someone bumped hard against me and I almost lost my balance. "GEEZ!! Will you look at where you're going?" I looked at the human in front of me and saw my most hated enemy: Bren Noogan. He was the scariest bully of all time, they say, and I was the one he hated the most because I always have the courage to stand up against him.

"You got something for me Missy?" He's talking about money.
"No. Not ever."
"Then you should learn some lessons about obediency."
"Hey, I'm not you're pet! I am not a dog or a cat or a hamster! And stop calling me missy!"
"Okay then, you leave me no choice." He raised his fist and aimed for my face. :O



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