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Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:20 pm

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May 17th 2000 the moon flashes as we come upon a broken neighborhood. We look down the end of the street to see a brown house. Paints chipped bone and one of the front windows smashed and Has Been is covered by a cardboard box and some duct tape. We peer inside and look around. The living room HAS furniture that looks like it's from the 70's. The wall paper was stained yellow and brown Probably Because Of The Years of cigarette smoke. The TV is showing The Red sox game. Because of the static we can not tell if there winning or losing. Up the steps we a see-through at the top of the steps. To the left of the hall we see the bathroom and to the right of the hall we see another round. At the door to the right we enter to see a boy huddled in His bedroom corner. He HAS bone head in His lap. We see His room isn't like a normal boys room. Instead of a cream That HAS posters and toys scattered around the room. We just see white stained That wall paper is peeling off the walls and a bed. As we look at the boy in the corner we hear a loud thump That makes the boy look up. We see His dirty blond yellow hair and his blue eyes but His Cheeks are stained with tears. "It's His Birthday Jerry. Why do not we do something special?" The voice sounds like a woman's we can only imagine it's the boys' mothers voice. "God Dammit SO WHAT! He's Five. He Does not Know Anything. Do You Know What I Got When I was five? Hmmm? Do you? I got an ass whoopin." The rough voice of a man through the tree house. The man continues "That Boy has it too easy. I think I Should remind him how good he has it. Let me show him what I got on my birthday." We hear a woman Scream "His name is Jimmy He is your son and you do not even call him by His Name AND DO NOT YOU TOUCH HIM! "The boy we now know Jimmy as he cringes Hear the axis through at the end of the hall slam and heavy footsteps getting louder heading to His room. His squint by opens and Jimmy as the hallway light beams through the room as a Very Large Man with dark hair and 5 o'clock shadow stands in the way through. "Get up you little shit!" His father replies. Jimmy Can Tell by the sound of His Father's Voice That he was drunk. Axis a matter of fact Jimmy Beer Can See the stains On His father's wife beater. "What are you deaf? I said ... GET UP ..." Jerry walks up and tugs His Son up and slams him against the wall. "So" The Man splash. "It's your birthday huh? Where you expecting maybe a party .... Some friends and some presents? Well .... WHERE YOU!" No "the boy said quietly. GOOD When I was your age I never got a party I got my ass whipped by my old man. ... I Thanked him too. Would my old man always say JERRY he said. Your Five years old Do ya know what that mean? Five big ones from your old man. And did you Jimmy know what he did. Would he punch me. Five times hard in my body and 1 in my face. And I Thanked him. He always did it to me year after year. "Axis His father Jimmy Looked Looked away. His father felt bad for Jimmy but His Sympathy for His dad went away as he fathers grip tightened around Jimmies shirt. "It was His tradition." Jimmies Continued FATHER "And it's time for me to continue where he left off. So If I Where You'd take a guy like thesis and thank me for themself. Do you hear me ... ... .. DO YOU HEAR ME ?! "YES" The boy cried. Opened by the camera running in and hugging mother jimmies His father trying to throw him off of her son. It was a failed Attempt as Jerry grabbed his wife and Threw her across the room. Jerry Frightened Looked At His son as a drunken smile spread across His face. "One." He said as he Threw His fist in the air. Jimmy Looked at the fist and closed His eyes and heard it swing down.

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