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Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:28 am

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Chapter 1: An Ordinary Morning!
Beep! Beep! Melissa’s eyes popped wide with excitement! She quickly got off from bed and ran to her sister’s room, Catherine. “Cathy!!” “Wake up!! I don’t want to be late!” Melissa said anxiously. Catherine followed her order and went running to prepare herself for their first visit to their new school! Meanwhile.. “I’m ready!!” Catherine shouted while admiring her uniform. “You look awesome in that uniform, sis!!” said Melissa happily. “Hehehe , you too sis!” replied Catherine.

Beeeep! Beeeep!! The school’s bus horn sounded loudly, calling them to get in. “Hey, the school bus is here! Let’s go!” Melissa said annoyed rushing to the bus.. “Wait for me!!” Catherine said desperately. They sat together in the bus seat and enjoyed the colorful and beautiful scenery.. There were a lot of trees, houses, and people.. When the school bus arrived to school, everyone got off of the bus and entered the building.-

Chapter 2: New School, New Friends, New Enemies, New Situations!
Riiiiiiing!! The bell rang loudly. “Let’s go Catherine!!” Melissa grabbed her arm and guided her to their classroom. “Good morning children, we have new students in this class! I want you fellows to meet, Melissa and Catherine!” said the teacher happily. “ Hey, I’m Melissa, nice to meet you all!” said Melissa.. “Hi, I’m Catherine, hope we can get along.” said Catherine nervously. After the introduction they made, the teacher said:

“Sit in one of the empty seats you desire!” They both sat one in front of the other .. The teacher spoke about different types of science, and logical statements. Riiiiiing!! “Class is over, see you tomorrow!” said the teacher. Everyone went running out of the class, and some were drooling because they were really bored in class. It was snack time, as usual, they both shared like lovely sisters.

“Hey idiots!” A group of 5 boys appeared in front of the twin sisters. “Are you guys stupid because you are blondes?” A boy said chuckling, in a matter of seconds, the group started laughing. “Shut up, we don’t want any trouble” said Melissa annoyed. “Yeah, you just better leave us alone” said Catherine. “Oh yeah? Or what?” A boy said, also, he dripped his Icee all over Catherine.. “Ugh!!!” Melissa stood up and punched the boy who dripped his icee on her sister . ”LEAVE US ALONE!!” Melissa said angrily. “We’ll be back idiots” The group then left and the boy who had been punched was in a very bad pain, very bad.

“Are you okay sis?” said Melissa whispering. “Yes, I’m okay..” she replied. “I’m really sorry sis..” Melissa said sadly.. “No no, it’s okay, really!” “ You packed a big punch there” She chuckled. “Hahaha! Yeah, if you just saw his black eye!” Melissa said laughing. Riiiiing!! The bell rang.. “Aww how am I going to class like this!?” said Catherine disappointed. “I think you should call our mom sis..” Melissa got her blackberry phone and dialed their mom’s number.. “Hey mom, think you can pick up sis? We ran into a little accident let’s say.” “Sure honey, I’ll be there quickly!” Melissa hanged up the phone and said “Stand outside, mom’s going to pick you up.”
Catherine replied: “Sure but what if those boys come back?” Melissa then saw the boys getting to class.. “They won’t” Melissa said smiling. “Bye Melii!!” “Bye Cathy!!” They waved goodbye and Melissa took classes til’ 3:00pm. It was 3:05pm, her mom haven’t picked her up yet, suddenly the group of boys found Melissa and said “Well well well, if it isn’t the new girl.” “What do you want now!? Didn’t you learned your lesson back there!?” said Melissa annoyed. One of those boys grabbed Melissa and kicked her in the leg, making her unable to move. “We don’t learn lessons, we teach lessons.”.. A girl from far came running towards the boy and jumped on him. “Run!” The girl said. Then Melissa went running as much as she could but with pain and hid so they could not find her. She did not know what happened to that girl, but she really appreciated her “heroic scene”. Her mom then picked Melissa up and then they went to their house.
Chapter 3: A Sleepless Night

“Catherine..” .. “Yeah?”.. “What are we going to do with them..?” “I don’t know, I presume we should probably tell someone about it..” “No Catherine, we’re big girls, we’re 17, we must deal with these problems, you and me.. together” “Melissa…” “Yes?” “I’m.. I’m scared of them Melissa..” “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you, no matter what.. Because, I love you very much sister..” “Me too sis…” they soon fell asleep..

Suddenly, Melissa woke up.. She let out a sigh and turned around.. “It still hurts” she whispered.. She started to sob a little.. “Hm. If there was a way, I could get revenge to those 5 boys.. I would be the happiest girl in school. I’ve suffered so much this day, and I will keep suffering if I don’t do anything about it.” Then suddenly a mystic colorful and shiny light appeared. “What the…” Melissa whispered.. The light then revealed a wolf, in which the wolf, entered in her body..! “What the. Get out of there!!” Melissa said scared.. The light then disappeared, her wounds reduced their pain, they were soon healed and she fell asleep.

Chapter 4: A New Day’s Wait
Beep!! Beep!! Melissa woke up and the first thing that came out of her mouth was: “That was such a creepy dream!!” She ran to her sister’s room and made a pause. She saw her leg, the bruise was gone… “Hmm I guess the whole situation. Was a dream!?” she said confused.. She saw her sister’s bed.. It was empty. “Sis? “ She shouted running all over the house. “I’m here, sis!!” a voice said in her mother’s room. “Oh, there you are sis..! I can see you’re ready.. I’ll go prepare now” said Melissa worried.. Melissa prepared in a matter of minutes and then the loud noise sounded outside of their house.

Beeep beeeep!! “Bus is here!! Come sis!” said Melissa annoyed… “Yes yes! Wait for me!!” said Catherine worried. They were talking in the bus about the situation.. “So..you mean the whole situation, wasn’t a dream!?” The fact of Catherine saying that the whole situation was true, produced a frightening feeling for Melissa. “No sis! What happened to you sis!?” said Catherine worried. “Just that, I had a creepy dream last night.. A small wolf entered my body and then, then there was like a… creepy light and, and……” said Melissa confused… “Are you nuts sis!? Those kind of dreams you have, just scare the feathers out of me” said Catherine worried.. Melissa was quiet.. She didn’t speak a word in that bus…

Chapter 5: The Mysterious Girl : Nicole!
Riiiiing!!! The bell rang.. Melissa saw Catherine shaking.. “Hey Cathy, you’re scared…right?” “Y-Yes.. Teach me how to fight, sis!!” said Catherine.. “Hmm, it will take a long time, but for you sis.. I’ll do anything!” said Melissa happily.. A girl from a far came running, did a 3 cartwheel, jumped on the air, made 2 spins and landed straight in front of Melissa. “What the!! Oh my god, you’re the girl who saved me yesterday!!” said Melissa surprised.. Catherine just stood there confused..

“Yepsters! I’m Nicole. Nice to meet ya’ll!!” said Nicole happily.. “I’m Melissa and this is my sister Catherine, a pleasure to meet you Nicole!” said Melissa.. “Hahaa!! Quite a shy girl are ya, Catherine??” said Nicole chuckling.. “Y-yes I guess.. “How about getting to know each other, hm?” said Nicole.. “Okay!” said Melissa happily.. Catherine didn’t have any choice, so she went with them.

“And by the way, the group of boys didn’t come today mates.” Nicole said smiling.. “How do you know Nikki?” replied Catherine.. .”If ya’ll already know, the guy who bullies you is my boy-…” “ DON’T EVEN SAY HE’S YOUR….” Interrupted Melissa surprised. “Yeah, he’s my boyfriend.. He wasn’t like that at all.. When the kids bullied him before, he just got sick of them and turned into one of them too!” Nicole explained.. “Ugh!! I’m so mad and disappointed now!! I could even eat you!!” In a quick moment, Nicole disappeared.. Catherine was in shock and Melissa didn’t have any idea of what happened.. “Y-you.. Ate Nicole!!” said Catherine shivering.. “What! It’s not even possible someone to eat another person that quick!! I don’t even finish a simple sandwich back at my house!!” complained
Catherine knew that Melissa didn’t see herself consuming Nicole in a quick flash.. But the consumption was visible to Catherine.. In a moment Melissa threw up Nicole back.. “What the!! That’s disgusting!! You’re a freak! That’s what you are!! Eww!! How the heck could you consume me in only 2 seconds!?? You’re an ogre! That’s right!! You’re a man-eating ogre that eats up everyone!!” said Nicole scared and running away.. Melissa just stood there, with a.. what the heck happened face.. and Catherine, was just staring at her like a man-eating ogre of a sister.

Chapter 6: An Eating Machine!
School day ended.. The next day , it was going to be Saturday.. Melissa didn’t let out an even simple yawn after what happened between her and Nicole. The cold and dry breeze blew softly that day, resembling the feelings of Melissa after what happened… They were both in the school bus, not even one word spoken out of their mouths.. Everything was quiet.. Too quiet. They arrived to their same-old-same house.. Catherine locked herself up in her room.. Melissa just stood there, staring at Catherine’s bedroom door.. Thinking… “What did I do?” “Did I literally consumed her?” “No no, that’s impossible..” “But maybe Cathy was right.. I did eat her.. and just spitted her out..”

Melissa went running to her room and smashed the door locked. “ Why do I deserve this!??” she softly sobbed in her bed.. She saw that same light, that same mystic colorful and shiny light, in front of her.. Her tears running up in her cheeks, and slowly falling to her bed.. A voice came from that light.. “ You are given a gift, a gift of revenge, the gift of consuming everything you see! To accomplish your dreams of revenge, you must accept the sacrifices and situations!” Melissa rejected, she didn’t want to sacrifice her family and friends just for pure revenge.. “You pitiful child, it’s already late, the wolf inside you, will guide you to your eating powers.. You will never see this light again.. But the wolf, will always remain inside you, forever.” The light then vanished and as always, when the light fades, Melissa falls deeply asleep, to start a new morning..

Chapter 7: A Girl’s Gift: Awakening
The morning was beautiful and colorful.. The sunshine’s rays shone to the family’s house. The trees, houses, and sky were in a very vivid and shiny state. The birds sang, the street was quiet, and best of all, it was Saturday. Melissa woke up, not able to recall anything that happened last night, she went to wake up her sister, Catherine. “Sis, wake up!! It’s 7:00AM” shouted Melissa.. “Just a minute!” said Catherine.. Catherine then stepped out of the room and ran to the kitchen to make breakfast. “Mmm smells good sis!” exclaimed Melissa. “Haha thanks sis!” said Catherine happily. Catherine served her a perfectly done, cheesy, mouth-watering grilled cheese! “Wow!! You’re an expert at cooking sis!” said Melissa smiling.. “Hehe, thanks sis! Just eat it up!! Bad thing is.. you never finish up your-..” In a second Melissa consumed it…
“You did it again!!” exclaimed Catherine.. “I did what again!? Hey, where’s my grilled cheese??” said Melissa and in a second, she burped. “Melissa, you’re consuming some things you see! Are you sure you’re not going to consume me!?” said Catherine.. Melissa remembered.. Last night, what the light told her, the gift, the wolf, the sacrifices.. In a moment, she explained everything to her sister..

Her sister was dumbfounded, in shock.. But she took it the wrong way.. “Then let’s use your gift to consume their butts, Melissa!!” exclaimed Catherine chuckling.. “Yeah!! Wait, no!! They’ll like, put me in a nuthouse or a private room or something!!” said Melissa worried.. “Nah , they won’t.. Cause they won’t see you do it!” Catherine said with an evil grin. Melissa smiled and waited til’ Monday, for her sweet revenge.

Chapter 8: If you want to be happy for a moment, revenge is your choice.. If you want to be happy forever, then forgive and forget.
The twin sisters rushed up to the school bus with evil grins on their faces.. The school bus left and they ignored the scenery this time.. They were discussing of the fun they would have in school.. In a matter of minutes they arrived to school. “I wish you luck sis..!” “I wish you luck too, sis!!” they both wished their selves good luck.. They took classes together.. It was snack time.. The boys appeared in front of them and one of them said “Well ha, look who we have here boys, the twin trash monkeys” The little group then laughed jokingly.. “Leave or I’ll eat you.” Said Melissa angrily. “Hahahhahaha!!” The boys then laughed even harder.. One grabbed Melissa and another one grabbed Cathy.. “Meliii!! Munch for your life!!!!” Melissa open big mouth into her gift, a big tornado appeared in her mouth and consumed him alive… ~Burp… She smiled… The others were scared, they didn’t knew what happened, but they ran away scared.

“Are you okay sis?” said Melissa caringly.. “Yeah, I’m okay! Like I always say, you packed a big, swallowing treat there!” she chuckled together with Melissa.. “I know they will never bother us again sis, so we don’t have to worry!” Melissa said smiling.. “Yes! Let’s go to class! I think we’re late.” .. “Sure!” replied Melissa and they went to class.

Chapter 9: A Final Confusion
After all that time, they were both at home.. Since the day they called their mother for the pick-up.. They haven’t seen her.. They didn’t know what happened with their almost new friend, Nicole. They were firstly confused with Melissa’s gift, that soon, just, disappeared. Those guys didn’t even want to be 10 feet close to Melissa or Catherine, they didn’t even messed with anyone else, just in case Melissa just pulled up her mouth and consumed them alive.

They don’t even remember spitting the leader of the group, commonly named as Alex. They finished their grade relaxed, they were heading for 12th grade, where they would form their future. They always loved themselves no matter what.. They were always together and nothing could break their strong lasting bond of friendship. Years and years have passed, they are both 27 years old, happily married, 2 children each.
Catherine, is happily a lawyer, and Melissa is happily a Police Officer. Even on their late 20’s they are together! Now that is true family love! On a moment of their lives, they have forgiven those boys for the damages.. And this is how this, long and boring story ends! :)

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