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Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:40 pm

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Kala lost her husband when she was only two months pregnant with their first child. They had been married for a year when they found out she was pregnant. They have been waiting for this precious one to come into their lives, and Kajan was just so thrilled when they found out.

He met a car accident on his way to work one morning. The doctors couldn’t save him. It’s been four years since that fateful morning. Aravin, their little boy born just months after his death, is now almost four years old, and he’s starting to ask about his father.

She hurts every time he asks about his father. How can she make him understand about death and heaven? His little heart is aching for a father and she couldn’t give him that. One night, as she was tucking him to bed, Aravin asked about his daddy once again.

“Mommy, why don’t I have a daddy? Where is he?”

“Little one, do you see the stars up in the sky? Can you see the brightest and the biggest one?”


“That one is your father. He went up to heaven so he can watch over us. Every time you see the brightest and biggest star twinkling, he is telling you that he loves you. He wants you to be brave and strong so that someday, when it is your turn to go to heaven, you will be as bright and big as him.”

“Okay, mommy. I will always look at the stars whenever I want to see my daddy.”

Thankfully, Aravin seemed satisfied with what she had told him about his father. Silently, she whispered a prayer to her husband, asking him to continue helping her raise their child and to always watch over him to keep him safe.

Kala knows that the road she will need to traverse is still long and sometimes there would be bumps and obstacles. But knowing, too, that her husband will always protect them and will be watching them as they go through life gives her the strength to keep on being the best mother in the world for their son.

Someday, she knows that they will all be together again, and father and son will finally meet. But until then, she promises to lead a virtuous and happy life for the sake of her little Aravin – her little one who will keep looking up in the sky because he knows his father is among the stars.

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