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Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:17 am

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Adam was probably the sweetest boy I had ever met. Of course, I was only fifteen and had a few more boys who would come into my life later on. But even looking back now, remembering that crooked grin and those sad blue eyes gazing at me... it warms my heart a little. Not only was he adorable, he was also one of the most caring and selfless people I had ever met, especially for a teenage boy. He was the kind of guy who sent anonymous flowers to the girls he knew were getting nothing on Valentine's Day, just because he hated to see people sad. You couldn't help but fall in love with him. But this story isn't about Adam. Not really. This story is about a girl.

Sara and I had been friends since the second grade when her family moved to my town. Her mom and mine met and became fast friends, and Sara and I were in the same class. Soon enough we did everything together. We told each other secrets, had our own secret club, and even got the chicken pox together. Seven and a half years later, we were still the best of friends. We still told each other our secrets, and to most people we seemed to be in our own secret club. And we spent so much time together, we even got our periods together. We also had one more thing in common. Neither of us had ever been kissed.

I mean REALLY kissed, not just a peck on the lips when you're playing truth or dare on the bus. If that were the case, then my first kiss would've been in the 7th grade with Stephen Jenkins, and thats NOT who I want to remember my first kiss being with. I wasn't too worried about not being kissed. I figured it would happen when it happened. I liked boys and had a few crushes, but somehow became incredibly shy and timid around them. Normally I was fun and outgoing. I had a lot of friends and people seemed to like me. I didn't think I was ugly. I had long, chesnut brown hair, bright green eyes, and a pixie nose. I felt I could stand to lose 10 - 15 pounds, but other than that I was pretty confident in myself. So I'm not sure why my mind would turn to mush whenever a cute boy talked to me.

Sara, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. She was boy CRAZY. And when she liked someone, she wasn't afraid to show it. So much so, that she didn't know when to hold back. She usually ended up scaring boys away with her aggressive behavior, following them around like a puppy dog, calling them every night even though they had never given her their phone number, showing up where they work five or six times a week. I admit, if I hadn't been friends with her for so long, she may have freaked me out as well.

We spent most of our time these days talking about boys and what it would be like to finally be kissed. We wrote stories and poetry that we only shared with each other and watched sappy romance movies hoping our kiss would be just like that. I noticed Sara seemed to be getting a little more anxious about boys and dating, and when I tried to tell her maybe she should back off just a little and not try so hard, she'd get terribly offended. If we were at school or somewhere like a football game and a boy happened to talk to me, even as a friend, she would flip out and either intrude on the conversation, scaring the guy away, or yell and cry at me later about how I had somehow stabbed her in the back. She was so worried that she was going to be the LAST one to be kissed or have a boyfriend that she was letting her jealousy and aggressiveness ruin our friendship. I understood how frustrated she was so I tried to overlook her behavior...after all, best friends stand by each other in good times and in bad, right? Unless your best friend does the unforgivable...

It was a Thursday afternoon and Sara and I were at our lockers picking up our books for our last class of the day, history. I threw my algebra and literature books into the tiny space and picked up a purple notebook and a thick textbook before slamming the lockers shut.

"What are you doing tonight? You wanna come over and watch a movie? We can tell our moms we're studying," Sara laughed, grabbing her own books.

"Oh, I can't. I'm going over to Lacey's to help her pack. She's leaving in the morning for Florida, remember?" Lacey had been my friend since 4th grade, and next to Sara, she was one of my closest friends. Even though the three of us sometimes hung out together, I sometimes felt like Sara was jealous of mine and Lacey's friendship, but I usually convinced myself it was all in my head. Lacey was going on a family trip for a few days, so I wanted to spend some time with her before she left.

"Oh, ok. I guess we can just hang out this weekend then," Sara pouted a little.

"Definitely," I turned to smile at her as I rounded the corner torwards my history class. I stopped dead in my tracks as I ran into a brick wall - no, a boy! - and my notebook and history book hit the floor, loose papers scattered everywhere. "Oh, crap!" I looked down at my things, spread across the hall and being stepped over by other students.

"Kristen, I'm sorry!" the boy said as he bent down and began scooping my papers back into my book.

I smiled as I recognized a head full of dark blond hair. "Adam, its ok," I started to bend down to help gather my things.

"No, I got it," he insisted, turning his sparkling blue eyes up towards me.

"Ok, ok." I raised my hands to surrender. He finished picking everything up then stood up to hand it to me."Thanks," I said, tucking the books under my arms.

"Sorry for knocking into you," his lips turned up into a half grin and his cheeks turned the slightest of pink.

I shrugged, "I wasn't watching where I was going. No worries." The cooridor was starting to empty and I knew the bell would be ringing any minute. Sara looked tense and annoyed as she waited for me to follow her to class.

He nodded and dug his hands into his jeans pockets. "So what have you been up to? How...how have you been?" The conversation felt a bit awkward, and with good reason.

"I've been good. Just dealing with school. And hanging out. You know, the usual," I tried to make things more comfortable.

"Good," he nodded again, thinking for the words he wanted to say. "Hey, you know...you and I, we can still...be friends. I mean, even though...?"

I understood completely. "Absolutely," I said and smiled.

"Good," his grin widened and he glanced down at his shoes shyly.

"Better get to class," I told him as I backed up down the empty hallway, "See ya later."

"Definitely," He nodded and headed in the opposite direction.

Sara let out an exasperated sigh as we hurried to class. I smiled as I thought about how much I had always liked Adam. He was sweet, and adorable, and had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I'd ever met. I definitely wanted to stay friends with him, and I could only hope that would be ok with Lacey. She and Adam had broken up two weeks ago when he caught her kissing another guy. I felt so bad for him, though I could never say that to Lacey. I would have to talk to her tonight and make sure she was ok with Adam and I maintaining a friendship.

We took our seats in our history class just as the teacher began lecturing. After she assigned our work, Sara passed a note to my desk. It read:


I flinched at her abruptness. And I thought about it. Of course I liked Adam. How could you NOT like Adam? But I knew what she meant, so I simply wrote back:


I knew where this was going. Sara was about to throw one of her jealous hissy fits. Adam had talked to me and not her, so now she had to be a drama queen about it. It didn't even matter that it was Adam, it could've been anyone and she would've acted the same way. She slid the note back onto my desk:


I rolled my eyes before writing the next words:


Ok, Lacey didn't actually know yet. But she would tonight. And I was almost positive she'd be fine with it. I unfolded the note to see what she had written next:


I almost scoffed out loud before looking over at her like she had lost her mind. Was she SERIOUS?! She didn't even know Adam, except from what I had told her. I doubted she had ever even spoken to him. This was classic Sara. She didn't want me getting any attention from a boy if she wasn't getting attention also. She had used this tons of times. A boy would talk to me or flirt with me, then she would give me a huge guilt trip about how SHE liked him first, and best friends don't steal guys from each other. Well, I wasn't going to let it happen with Adam. He and I were only friends anyway. And he had just broken up with one of my best friends. So even though I did like him, there's no way we could go there. Not right now anyway. And I was not going to let Sara get in the way of us being friends just because she was insecure and jealous. No way. I wrote back:


I passed the note back to her and instantly wondered if it was too harsh. I watched her eyes narrow and her lips pucker into a scowl as she read the last line. Yep. I had pissed her off. I knew she would get over it because she did this kind of thing often. I hated fighting with my best friend, but sometimes I just had to stand up for myself, plain and simple.

The bell rang signifying the end of the day and I watched her grab her things and dramaticly storm out of the room. I pulled my backpack over my shoulder and calmly followed her towards the back of the school building where our moms always picked us up together. I couldn't wait for the next 3 months to quickly pass so I could finally drive myself. But for now, I was stuck riding home with Sara everyday, and on days like today it wasn't a very enjoyable ride.

And there were starting to be more and more days like today.

(please leave comments! thanks!:)



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