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Mon May 24, 2010 3:40 pm

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A trip to Istanbul or to the ends of the world is interesting travel story from the country Turkey. I hope you will enjoy to read this story !!!

For me the trip to Istanbul was a trip to the ends of the world. Of course, it sounds funny for experienced travelers, but for family men like me a journey lasting even 1 hour is a deed! Considering my trip to Istanbul, which I visited for the first time... I stayed in the plane for three hours! But I can say, that they were pleasant hours, because the service was rendered by the Turkish Airlines company. As I was said, it offers the best meals. I agreed with this statement after tasting the food, given to us by the stewardess, and drinking white wine. Turks feed very well, even in planes! By the way, I wanted to tell something concerning wine. It turned out that it was the white wine from Cappadocia, where there are many vineyards. I was surprised, because, being honest, I imagined Turkey as if not very fanatical, but an Islamic country. And its wine?... It turned out, that Turkey is a quite European country, and its most European city is Istanbul, where I have been lucky to live in.

In Istanbul I lived with my girl-friend in Sultanahmet, a quite European district in geographical, as well as spiritual aspect. As I understood from the numerous explanations of numerous guides))), Sultanahmet is the historical center of Istanbul. By the way, it is possible to hire guides directly at the sights place, and it is very comfortable. Taksim is the business center of Istanbul, Merter is the center of textile and expensive hotels, Laleli is a shopping center. Istanbul, where each district is the center of something, is a city without … center, that is there is no district, that can be considered the center of Istanbul. This is it!

Some words about the hotel. I am not going to mention here its name, for you do not consider it an advertisement :). Moreover, there was nothing specific in hotel: it was a usual 3 star hotel in Sultanahmet. One of its advantages is that we lived near the Hippodrome: the window of the rooms looked to it! I will explain for those people, who are going to visit Istanbul, that the Hippodrome is an old square with many monuments. Living in a room with its view is like staying at the hotel with the view of the Red square or Buckingham palace. Only in Istanbul you can pay for the room just 50 dollars:). We could have found a cheaper room, if we had booked it much in advance, but we found a room one week before our departure, and that was the price. It is simply cheap, but not super-cheap )). I advise you to use the booking systems for the reservation of hotels in Istanbul. Even if you are said that it is very simple to choose a hotel on the spot, do not believe it! There are many hotels and you will not manage to choose one of them during an evening. You will feel sorry, if later you find a hotel with more stars but cheaper rooms. ))) there are many booking systems, you can look for them in Google, but www.turkeytps.com is considered the best, but, again, it depends on the person.

Concerning the city, it is a completely European one. Here people are dressed as in Europe, speak as in Europe, think as in Europe. And the sights, which are amazing and unforgettable :-). for example, when I visited Yerebatan, big gloomy cistern, I remained speechless. It is something absolutely fantastic! Those, who have already seen it, will understand me. I can advise those who has never been there, book a hotel in Istanbul and go there! :)

By the way, we have seen the Asian part of Istanbul. Despite the frightful stories that unlike the European part of the city, it is a lazy and awful district, we think otherwise. The only difference between the Asian and European parts of the city is that the former is bigger and less populated. And that's ALL! For the rest it is the same cool Istanbul. Bagdat street is not worse than Istiklal, praised by the party-goers, and the mosques and monasteries, situated on the Asian shore, are somehow more authentic :).

That's why, regardless the Istanbul, you have chosen, Asian or European, it will be Istanbul. Go there!

Give your comments about this story !



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