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Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:33 am

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The monkey sat quietly, pondering his fate. His name was Constantinople and he was dangling not-so peacefully in the lion's mouth. The lion, named Rod, was enjoying playing with his food, as any cat does, when a small voice from inside his mouth sighed, and said "will you eat me already? If I was to live I'd never even get your mucus of my fur!"

Rod's stomach growled. Rod growled in agreement. Constantinople groaned in pain.

Suddenly Rod screamed a wonderful little girly scream and coughed Constantinople onto a nearby tree - where he promptly got stuck.

Rod swung around and peered behind him. 'WHERE THE HELL DID YOU STICK YOUR TONGUE?!" he squealed.

Archibald the aardvark grinny coyly, waved a little paw at Constantinople and said "Hi honey, having to save you again, sugar-plum?"

Constantinople just grunted as he swung himself from the tree with Rod's mucus and landed softly on the ground.

"Ergh, I look like the Creature from the Deep" Constantinople complained, as he tried to remove some of the muck. Rod was still shellshocked from being attacked and he sat in the corner shivering and muttering to himself. "wet..and squidgy..and and...erg...wet and.."

Archibald sauntered over to him, and slapped him sharply across the face. "Snap outta it, sweetie, and apoligise to my friend here for causing him grievous bodily, emotional and psychological damage!" Rod looked at him peculiarly, shook his head, looked at the sticky Constantinople, grinned and stood up. Walking over to the monkey, he grabbed his tail gentle between his teeth, amidst cries of "Oi!" and "Put me down!" and dumped him roughly in the river, for him to clean up.

"I apologise for causing you grievous bodily, emotional and psychological damage and I hope you can eventually wash that slime off," Rod said with a smirk and, with one last death glare towards Archibald, sauntered off back into the forest.

Constantinople, still splashing around in the river, suddenly asked:

"By the way, where DID you stick your tongue?"

Archibald replied: "In his ear, of course..."

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