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Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:34 pm

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Last Saturday as part of the trip the captain asked me if the group would be OK with trying to find the Navy LFAS vessels so we could swim in the waters and possibly halt the testing. I knew that would be OK with me and possibly with the others.

But nature and the whales had another vision on store for us. Instead we were shown the richnss of the whales in their natural habitat. In fact their demonstration of life was unbelievably incredible.

We left Kona and headed north and as soon as we exited the harbor we saw a whale breach. As we headed north we came across and mother and a calf breaching. It was as though she was teaching her new one the joy of rising out of the water and taking a look around. After watching them play for an hour or more we saw two whales on the horizon breachig time after time. We headed off towards them and their behaviour changed to one of courtship and mating with their long fins slapping time and time again into the water.

By this time we realized the water was full of whales that day!

We lowered a hydrophone into the water listened to their sounds and possibly for the LFAS sound. But we only heard the whales whelping and hooting. I had decided to go for a swim with a couple of my friends and we slipped into the water knowing that there might be a whale close by.

The previous week we had gone out and hardly saw any whales. At one point we lowered the hydrophone into the water and there were two males singing the most beautiful song. We recorded their song while we took a swim and I was playing diving down deep and floating to the top with my arms outstretched and my heart open. It was beautiful and the
photographs came out perfect!

Any way as we slipped into the water we swam in formation with our hearts open and full. We were about 25 feet away from the boat when suddenly a whale breached and arched her back with her fins wide open her heart towards us and the boat behind. We, however, did not see anything as she came up once and then came up again as if to say your heart is open I can feel you, my heart is open I acknowledge you. Our friends on the boat were besides themselves, not with fear but with happiness and joy. We had been preparing in meditation and healing sessions for this encounter, and we were rewarded. We have yet to see if the photos came out!

Later in the day we saw two males doing their territorial thing and as it were wrestling with the other. They breached out of the water and back in again jostling the other of their kingdom.

I learnt... or relearnt something very important. I had become burnt out from working the web site for the LFAS and trying to stay abreast of all that was going on.

I was reminded that there is a peaceful way of changing our world.

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