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Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:27 am

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Day 1

Need to this chapter xD

(At work. Talking about the party. Last minute shopping)

Day 2

Ding Dong!!!

I jumped, which caused me to very nearly drop a tray of spring rolls.

Ding Dong!!! Ding Dong!!!

“Allright, allright I’m coming……..just give me a second” I tried to force a smile, and dropped my oven gloves on the kitchen table. Can’t whoever is at the door, understand how busy I am?!?!
I bet its Linda. She did say she was going to come over and help……..oooh if it is Linda I could get her to do some of the cooking, as that is where I’m going to need the most help, as I’ve only got one oven, and lots of food.
I took a quick glance in the mirror……just in case, and then opened the door.
Slightly disappointed that it’s not my dream, handsome prince (that I haven’t met yet), but not disappointed with my guess, as I feel a smile creep onto my face.
“Hi Gemma”
“Hello hunnie, I thought you weren’t coming over till half past three…..it’s not even three o clock yet” I gave Linda a hug and beckoned her inside.
“Oh Gemma, you know what I’m like” Gemma rolled her eyes as she began to take off her blue coat (I do like that coat, twenty five percent off in New Look) “I can’t wait to party hahaha”

We both giggled, as we made our way into the kitchen. Gemma does like to party, I remember at university she wanted to go out to every student night, each week…….and she would take ages getting ready. Ahh University, good times.
“Do you want a tea or coffee hun?” I asked, reaching for the cupboard.
“Oh no. I’m ok Gem, thanks. I did promise to come over and help, not to chat. We can do that later, with a nice bit of wine haha. Ok I’ve had a bit of an idea” Linda lowered her voice and began walking towards the freezer “Let me take some of the food back to mine and cook it for you. You’ve got a nice selection and I can’t wait to eat it……but it’s going to take a very long time to cook all this. People will be arriving half six, even though you put on the invite seven and…….YOU’VE ONLY PUT THE SPRING ROLLS IN?!?!”

Linda does have a point. I’m not even ready, and like Linda it can take me a while sometimes……I feel guilty though.
“Oh hunnie are you sure. I don’t want to cause you any trouble. What about Matt, will he mind?”
“Matt is still up the gym, so he won’t mind. Well what else needs doing Gem?”
“Errrrm I don’t think there’s anything else. Oh the plates and glasses need to come out……but that can wait. Oh the telly from my bedroom needs to come down into the conservatory” I looked around the room.
“Ahhh that’s a mans job, because us females are too weak” Linda had a grin on her face that suggested sarcasm “So if nothing else needs doing, I see no reason why I shouldn’t help with the cooking.”
I walked over and hugged her.
“Oh thanks hun, much appreciated. Ok let’s sort out the food. What about if you take the nibbly bits, and I cook the things that will take the longest, such as the meats?”
“Gemma that sounds like a plan. Oooh how about Christmas music?”
“Oh no Linda, sorry. I don’t mean to be a scrooge…..but I’m going to be playing Christmas music for most of the evening; if we listen to Christmas songs now, I will be sick of Christmas songs by six o clock this evening” I giggled. Linda just rolled her eyes.

Silence remained as we put all the nibbly bits into Linda’s bag.
I love my best friend. I love Christmas, and the fact that one year after graduating, I have a nice house, and am having my very first Christmas party!!!!!
There’s only one thing I don’t like about Christmas; one thing that all my other friends, even Linda have that I don’t. The one thing that would fill an empty hole in my heart…..
“What’s wrong Gem? What’s on your mind?” Linda looked at me anxiously.
I sighed, there’s no point in lying and saying “nothing is wrong”, because Linda knows me too well.
“Being single” I averted my gaze to the floor.
I was seventeen when I had my first proper relationship (because primary school DOES NOT count). I met Tyler at a college party……and due to the amount of alcohol that, illegally, got consumed; I ended up loosing my virginity to the prick Tyler. Well at the time he wasn’t a prick; he’d pick me up from college and drive me round in his sports car, sometimes over the limit. He brought me flowers on my birthday and treated me to meals; my love struck mind told me he was perfect, and not a prick. Then came the prick-ness.
Our teenage relationship lasted a whole ten months; three quarters of which involved him wanting to have sex at every available opportunity, bunking off lessons, laughing at me in front of his mates, and just generally being a prick!!!!!!!
Since then I’ve been a single, sex deprived woman, who has been paying off her student loan for the past year……and is twenty four years old!!
“Oh Gemma hunnie” Linda hugged me and then pulled away, continuing to look at me with sympathy in her eyes “You just haven’t met the right guy yet. If anything you’re lucky, I mean look at all the money you save and it could be worse you could have kids, like Jessica and Mark!!!”
“Hmmmm, I suppose. It just…….doesn’t feel right, especially at this time of year”.
“I reckon you will meet Mr. Right before next year. In the meantime, I want you to have lots of fun tonight, get pissed if you want to……I probably will, as usual hahaha”.
I smiled at Linda and she smiled back. She was right, in time I would meet the right guy, but in the meantime I should be enjoying life, and not letting one little thing stop me.
“Right I will let you get back to cooking, and I will go back and…….start cooking” Linda giggled “Keep your mobile on, and text us if you need anything else done. I’ll get Matt to come over later and bring the TV down”.
“Thanks Linda that is much appreciated” I walked with her to the door and helped her with her nice, blue coat.
“It’s no trouble hun. Ok I will see you, in a couple of hours”.
“Ok see you later. Oh and try to be back before it gets dark, it’s meant to snow later”. I yelled as Linda made her way down the street. With her free hand she put thumbs up to me.

Closing the door of the cold, stormy street, I let the warmth of my house fill me up. Ok so the Spring rolls have about half an hour left………oooh I know what I can do to kill some time.
I will go upstairs, get out my lovely smelling bath wash from boots and either a good book, or some wine………and have a nice relaxing bath; that’s one less thing I will have to do this evening.

Need to do this chapter xD

(Party, mingling with friends. Kids playing the wii. Music and nibbles. Meets Adam. Chatting to him all evening).

Need to do this chapter

(Cleaning up, talking about Adam).

Need to do this chapter xD

(Christmas day with mum and dad and family. Texting Adam a lot. Parents ask to meet him on New Years Eve).

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