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Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:39 am

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Mark James Smith waved goodbye to his family as he left to sign up for the Australian army at World War 1. Mark was only 18 years old but yet he wanted to go to war. Soon to fined out it was not what he expected.

He got to the sign up sheet. knowing that he was not able to ride a horse he went straight to the foot solider camp. Soon they would head for Egypt.

Private Mark J Smith left with the rest of the young soldiers on their way to Egypt for their first stop to Gallipoli. Manny Soldiers got sick on the ways to Egypt. Manny not accustom to the rocky seas. Excitement showed across the young faces of the Anzac soldiers.

They got to Egypt loading their gear of the ship and heading to where they would stay. The heat was scorching. From the exotic view of the yellow desert sand hit the sky's horizon with the sun gleaming over the world famous pyramids.

To pass the time the young soldiers would play Aussie rules in the hot desert sand. they had so much fun mucking around kicking the ball up and down the sandy ground.

Finally the time had come to leave for Gallipoli. They got back on the ship ready to fight for their country.

When the Anzac s got to the cove they where confronted with the dreaded Turks. Heading down to the trenches the young soldiers realized that war didn't look that fun at all. There was black thick smoke and guns firing. It was hard to stand.

Days had past and Mark was now on the front line ready to attack with only unloaded guns and bayonets on the end of them. Mark was ready to run. He was shaking frantically. Cold sweat dripped down his dirty face.

Suddenly the whistle blew. Mark ran as fast as he could towards the Turks trenches. He was almost their actually only two meters away when a machine gun shot him in the leg. He rolled into the trenches. He felt people tramping and stomping over him. Mark gasped for air. He choked and coughed when suddenly a Turk stabbed him in the stomach. Mikes vision went blurry. he could see his mate fighting the Turks but getting shot. He fell down on Mark and slowly Mark drifted from conciseness. He was dead.


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